the MI C-ITY Project

MI C-ITY is a 5-years project, to found and start a “school of connection” (C-School) to lay a bridge from the Milan Expo toward the Dubai Expo 2020: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

“Connection” is the keyword to unbind the full potential of cities, enterprises and individuals in a networked and digitized reality, where knowledge mastering is the only key of success. The concept is consistent with a new and sustainable idea of wealth, where creation is the emergence of the beautiful from generative nodes in an entangled reality, more than transformation processes producing needs and goods.

The outcome of MI C-ITY will be a School of Connection, or C-School (see also ), a new kind of generative system, beyond the traditional organizations of secluded resources, born during the industrial revolutions, based on explorative paths, where entrepreneurship is not based on implementing repetitive tasks, but on endeavor and openness, to create new futures by connecting continuously new energies with multiple legacies.

The C-School is deemed to be a globally replicable system, so as to generate a global network, able nonetheless to attract the most meaningful insights coming from multiple local environments.

The 5-years Journey to Dubai is a metaphor of this creative transformation, and runs along seven different routes, which are strictly interconnected and intertwined:

  • From Atoms to Bits – the progressive digitalization and the changing perception of reality
  • Diversity for Life – the growing awareness of the key catalyst for value generation
  • Connection for Creation – the emerging mission of continuous design and innovation
  • Back to the Polis – rethinking the future city as the “glocal” link of passion, knowledge, creation
  • The New Wealth – looking for new measures to cope value shifts induced by disruption
  • The Empowered Society – discovering the emotive side of cultures: dreams as assets and power
  • The School of Connection –from separateness to convergence, from static knowledge to maieutics

The seven routes are part of a common transformative journey toward the C-School construction, which requires these different approaches to keep a good orientation along an explorative path. These routes intercept and cross issues which concern both institutions and firms, and are common to multiple areas and industries, from finance to manufacturing, from ICT to logistics, from the web to media and communications, until food, health, energy, and security.

A growing awareness of the most insightful decision-makers ensures the involvement of important players as Partners in MI C-ITY. The Partners will be part of the Strategic Board, so as to orient the guidelines for the subsequent years, and exploit first-hand the outcomes of the Journey, generated with the involvement of the world-class, intercultural and trans-disciplinary Knowledge Groups of MI C-ITY. Among them:

  • A growing knowledge platform operating as a source of Open Innovation
  • A table to share high level issues with other organizations, institutions, stakeholders
  • An environment of highly open Co-creation
  • Creation or collaboration with academic programs
  • Scientific Papers and other materials generated on the path issue
  • A moment of dissemination and highest visibility at the launch of the Journey during the (a week with seven dialogic meetings for the seven routess, at the end of the Milan Expo).