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April, 8th, Elea
Inauguration of the KibsLab (Experimental Center for Competencies Development), by Fondazione Alario with the cooperation of Diotima Society

April 20th, Rome
Salone della Giustizia (
Speech of Paolo Zanenga in the meeting on “Justice and Market Equilibriums”

April, 22-23th , Castle Tirol (Meran)
Launch of the Euregio Atelier, powered by Diotima Society
Meeting “Polis Europa” on a new future for our continent:

May 9th, Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga
July, 7-10th, L’Aquila, Festival della Partecipazione
Meetings to study and experiment a model for a sustainable territorial development and patrimonial enhancement (part of the E.L.E.A. Project: Experimental Laboratory for Ecosystemic Advancement)

July, 1st, Udine, Festival della Conoscenza
Theatrum Mundi_ Internet of things: public meeting on transformation of the world triggered by the Internet of Things,

July, 4th, Milan, seat of Diotima Society
International Architecture Awards 2016
Diotima Society hosts an Italian jury of architects awarding 132 buildings and urban planning projects from over 40 nations to define a new global design aesthetic for 2016.

July, 20th
Communication from the Secretary of CRUI (Conference of the Italian Universities Rectors) that the Conference is pleased to give its patronage to the C – SCHOOL project by Diotima Society.

August, 21st – September, 1st
Alpbach Forum, Tyrol
Presentation of the Euregio Atelier and the printed proceedings of the meeting Polis Europa

September 3rd and 4th
Milan, Triennale Expogate
Abitare la città, abitare la terra: dalla cellula all’universo, dall’atomo al bit
Living The City , Living The Earth : From The Cell To The Universe , From The Atom To The Bit
The event, designed and supervised by Fiorello Cortiana, is deemed to share a new awareness on the sense of a city as a space for a “glocal” urbanism.
Saturday September 3rd morning:
A New Glance and a New Paradigm: Ervin Laszlo, Gianluca Bocchi, Francesco Varanini, Paolo Zanenga, Piermario Biava, Monica Centanni, Enrico Baleri, Peppe Nanni.
Saturday September 3rd afternoon:
Living vs Staying:  Gabriele Badalotti, Emilio Battisti, Chiara Bellocchio, Beppe Caravita, Sergio Colombo, Fiorella De Cindio, Franco Mussida, Cristiana Rogate, Domenico Storchi, Marina Terragni, Alessandro Visca.
Sunday September 4th:
Paolo Zanenga introduces the Diotima Diagram as a new canvas to map a new reality, and the C-School as a place and a method to implement the “Economy of the Beautiful”

October 17th – 22nd
Barcelona, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Camera di Commercio Italiana, Fundaciò Miralles, Gausa+Reveau Architectural, IAAC – Institute of Advanced Culture of Catalunya.Diotima Society is partner of Artour-O, an international event of contemporary art and design joining enterprises and institutions.

November 18th – 20th
Participation to the Complexity Literacy Meeting 2016 in Abano Terme
Paolo Zanenga discussed the book of Fulvio Carmagnola, “Dispositivo – da Foucault al Gadget”

November 29th
Milan, Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6
C-SCHOOL – “European Way” to Systemic Innovation
With the support of CRUI – Conference of the Italian Universities Deans

December 15th, Milan
At the Società Umanitaria (via San Barnaba, Milano) Michele Corradino, Francesco Samorè, Paolo Zanenga, Gianmaria Ajani, Alessandro Cecchi Paone discuss about “La normalità nella società digitale. Premesse di un nuovo inizio” (The Normal in the digital society. Premises to a new beginning). The book of Michele Corradino “È normale, lo fanno tutti” (Chiarelettere) is presented.

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