Outpost Tower acts to scan, discover and decode the signals of change from the Metamorphoses that are occurring.

It is a virtual observatory for cognitional exploration of Theaters of Change.

It is the experimental laboratory of the C-School.


To move into Theaters of Change, D Outpost Tower creates Immersive Scenarios to train selected crews of explorers and provides them with unconventional Vehicles and customized Tools.


Research Activities include:
multy-layers maps Design, Dyagnostics of Value-Systems interference fields as well as Analytic Reports from emerging territories.

Observational Activities:
behavior of currents and mutating tides;
Insurgence, direction and intensity of Turbulence;
geo-chronological localization of Theaters of Change

Explorational Activities:
preparation and testing of Unconventional Vehicles & Customized Tools;
take-off for reconnaissance cruises;
establishment and organization of virtual watchtowers in the Theaters of Change.

CRE.P.S. REPORTING FROM THE OUTPOST TOWER (apply and/or subscribe)
Maps of complexity, Theaters of Change, Storm fronts and “weather” patterns, Diagnostics of the risks of the frontier.