Is a theoretical physicist, scientific director of the Institute for Scientific Methodology, Palermo,Italy.Researcher  at  School of Advanced International School on Non Linear Methodologies for Physics, Bari, visiting  professor at International Institute for Applicable Mathematics and Information Sciences ( IIAMIIS), Hyderabad 500463 India. Editor in Chief of the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (EJTP) and Board of: Entropy, Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Physics, Quantum BioSystems. Lecturer in “Festival della Filosofia” ( Modena, 2004; 2011); “Festival della Scienza” ( Palermo, 2009), “PopSophia” ( Macerata, 2012)He has been awarded the prize “Le Veneri per la Scienza” (Lecce, 2008) for “the high merit in research and cultural seedings”,  the “Targa Pirandello”(Agrigento, 2010),  and the prize  “International Prize Conference on Time” (Al Ain, 2012). He work on Foundation of Quantum Theories, Cosmology, Computation and System Science.