D is an open non-profit organization established in 2013, with headquarters in Milan (Italy), and with members, correspondents and ambassadors all around the world.

By connecting and expanding a worldwide Society of Actors, Authors and Agents of Innovation,
D investigates the multiple Change dynamics: origins, paths, research strategies, resiliency factors, and frames of convergence (“consilience”). D considers it essential to encourage and promote the reunification of the “two cultures” (scientific and humanistic).

The three main pillar-Labs of D are:


To move into Theaters of Change, D creates Immersive Scenarios to train selected crews of explorers and provides them with unconventional Vehicles and customized Tools.

Activities include: multi-layer Maps, Diagnostics of Value-Systems interference fields as well as Rating and  Analytic Reports from emerging territories.


An advanced experiment of a non-deterministic and open system, a prototype of future organizations (C-orgs), a pole where redundancy and diversity become generative.

Together with distinguished Universities, Territories, Institutions and/or Corporations, D designs new places of trust and creation, wherefrom work, finance, enterprise, and school can find their tracks to transformation.

The C-School (School of Connection) reignites in a new form for our age the spirit of the ancient scholè.


Through the selection and launch of Pilot-Projects,
D acts by assembling trans-disciplinary expert teams and exposing them to advanced design challenges in the high-entropy contexts of Social & Environmental transformations as well as of high-impact forefront Technologies.

A special attention is paid to humanitarian Projects.

D’s other facilities include SHELVES, the archive of essays and various documents including the open-source section “Seed Library”, and NEXUS, listing the main connections and operative partnerships of DIOTIMA SOCIETY.

D Golden MASK is awarded to distinguished Insightful Thinkers and Society Innovators. The Award is granted by an International committee of 36 members, nominated by the Board of Trustees of D in conjunction with other Institutions.