Born in 1955, graduated in humanities at the University of Milan. Promoter of the first Italian ecologist groups and the Federation of Greens. In the 90s, Councilor of the Lombardy Region to the Parks and Territory, he promoted the enhancement of the Navigli, the destination of the fairground in Rho – Pero, the Popular Initiative for the South Milan Agricultural Park. Senator in 1996 and 2001, he promoted the law against doping, the Knowledge Survey on GMOs, the Decree on the pluralism of information technology in the Public Administration. President of the Intergroup for Technological Innovation and Telematic Democracy.

Author of the premise to the book of the Nobel Prize Elinor Ostrom ‘Knowledge as a common good’. Italian Delegate at the WSIS-World Summit on the Information Society.

Member of the Internet Governance Committee of the Ministry of Innovation, delegate to the UN Internet Governance Forum, promoter of the “Internet Bill of Rights”.

Goodwill Ambassador of “One Laptop Per Child”, MIT’s project for disadvantaged children.

Promoter of international meetings “Condividi la Conoscenza”. Member of the Advisory Board of the Guna Research Center ATTRE (Advanced Therapies and Tissue Regeneration), started in 2017.