Architect, Professor at University of Salerno, Journalist, current Director of the Alta Murgia National Park, member of the Technical Team of the “Network for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention” RECEP – Council of Europe – Strasbourg, Secretary of Arco Latino European Landscape Observatory; Director of the European Group of Territorial Cooperation EGTC DIETAMED -International Study Center on Mediterranean Diet (UNESCO Intangible Heritage), Head of the “Campus Mediterraneo” Technical Operational Group.Latest publications: E.L.E.A. – Experimental Lab For An Ecosystemic Advancement, Milan 2015; RETURN TO POLIS – The redesigned territory rediscovers the value of its assets and rediscovers the generative role of Polis. Milan 2016.Participation to the development of the C-School model, Development of the Charter of Rome for the Natural and Cultural Capital.