Paolo Zanenga

Engineer, graduated “cum laude”, he has always deemed the mission of his discipline to study the impact of technology and knowledge on organizations and on society. Starting with the management revolution at the end of the ‘80s, the work of Paolo Zanenga and his group was praised by Peter Drucker in HBR (1990) as “…the most exciting and innovative work in management today…even what might be called a new economic philosophy…”. His innovative activities continued collaborating with international excellence centers. He is president of the PDMA Southern Europe Affiliate. As the leader of strategic projects of transformation with Governments, institutions and companies such as CibaDelphiFinmeccanicaNestléGeneral ElectricImpregiloIna/AssitaliaPharmacia & UpjohnPoste Italiane and Telecom Italia, he focuses on the design of experimental platforms and environments to accelerate knowledge convergence and connections. Teacher, lecturer, and book writer (Le Reti di Diotima is the seminal book originating the Diotima Society), he is faculty member in academies worldwide.


Maurizio Morgantini

Pioneering author of pilot-projects crossing simultaneously through multiple fields of Urban Planning, Architecture and High-Tech Design, Maurizio Morgantini first outlined his theoretical vision in Man Confronted by the Third Technological Generation (Design Issues, MIT Press, 1984). In 1985 he was appointed Full Professor of Design and Technology at the UIC, USA. While practicing and lecturing internationally, he chaired NGOs such as ADI Foundation for Italian Design (2005-2008), CSAR (the Center for Studies of FAR Foundation) 1993-2011, iiSBE Italia (2004-present). He was the President of ISIA (2007-2010) the Art & Design Academy (MIUR, Ministry of Education) founded in Roma by Giulio Carlo Argan. The Chicago Athenaeum is collecting his design contributions to Environmental Sustainability, the ICT revolution, Finance and Next-Gen City studies. MM is a member of the Outpost Tower of Diotima Society.


Franco Simeoni

Degree in Economy and Commerce, Franco Simeoni has been the founder and chairman of Ernst & Young Global Corporate Finance, the managing partner of Ernst & Young Italy and a member of E & Y International Board for over 15 years, the majority of his clients being international public companies such as Coca Cola, Generali, RCS, Edison, Eli Lilly and Lloyds. His own particular vision of innovation which works through bridging different cultures and visions has triggered multiple entrepreneurial developments, ranging from strategic consultancy to innovative finance, from sport culture to education and social development. Franco is a member of the board of several non governmental organizations and foundations, and together with Paolo Zanenga, founded PDMA Southern Europe, the first European affiliate of PDMA – Product Development Management Association, the leading association of innovators in the world.


Rainer Weissengruber

Graduate of classical and modern letters of the University of Salzburg, PhD in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, Rainer Weissengruber sees classical culture as a powerful driver of change. Teacher in a historic Austrian Collegium, he lives and promotes the contamination between classical and contemporary cultures, traveling and creating connections between Central Europe, Italy and other Mediterranean regions. He was founder, and now president, of CLE – Centrum Latinitatis Europae, with international branch offices, and is partner of Eos, a working group dedicated to anthropological and intercultural studies based in Trieste. Rainer is contributor to the work of a study center devoted to the Middle Ages based in Cividale, and initiator of the Bolzano Atelier with the Euregio Tyrol. His studies on the ancient practice of “scholè” have concretely contributed to the experimentation of new forms of education.