Graduated in Literature at the University of Padua, she specialized in history of Art (University of Padua, Master and PhD program in UCSD University of California San Diego and UCLA). A 30-year experience in organizing international art exhibitions as an author and curator and in international scientific committees, she collaborates with the most important cultural institutions, among them Picasso, Modigliani, Dalì, and Mirò foundations. Created new formats of exhibitions, with international scientific committees, where scholars of different countries and cultures share their knowledge. Designed the first European Master in Trading Techniques (School of Advanced Training-ASAG of the Catholic University of Milan). Rediscovered the Picasso cartoon of Guernica, from which the tapestry at the UN, shown in international exhibitions in 2016 and 2017 (80 years since Guernica), and in the Senate of the Italian Republic for the 70 years of the Constitution.



Architect graduated at the Milan Polytechnic in 1986, specialized in Museography and Museology, taught at the IED in Milan and worked with engineering firms. He founded the Associated Architects FGMT in Novara and carried out both architectural studies and urban planning. Among his works, the house of the writer Sebastiano Vassalli. In 2008 he founded the network “iperPiano Ecosystem of solutions and innovations for the government of the territory and the city”, with countless projects in Italy and Europe of local development and territorial planning. Since 2010 he has been chairman of the Comitato d’Amore per Casa Bossi, a group of active citizens engaged in the regeneration of the historic building by Alessandro Antonelli. Co-author with Giovanni Campagnoli of the book “Riusiamo l’Italia. From empty spaces to cultural and social start-ups ” (2014, Gruppo 24 Ore).



Professor of History of Architecture at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), he envisions arts and sciences in the framework of a general history of ideas. He has also taught at the University of Genoa and Trieste. He contributed to the foundation of the Faculty of Architecture in Trieste and the IUAV Design and Arts faculty. Responsible for the EU of an Observatory on the Academies of Art, Faculties of Architecture and Engineering in Europe.

He is in the Steering Committee of the Collodi Foundation and in the Scientific Committee of the Francesco Fabbri Foundation for which he follows the Political Laboratory on issues as: Thinking Europe; Reflections on the crisis; The spaces of politics. and with the publication of a Manifesto for the smart land (with F. Della Puppa); another on the Circular Society / Digital Economy, with A. Bonomi and F. Della Puppa. He collaborates with Italiadecide on the relationship between governance and the digital world. He has been curator of significant art exhibitions. He is the author of many books, published in English, German, French, Spanish and Turkish, on architecture, design, urban planning, aesthetics, history, hermeneutics, epistemology, on the relationship between art and the sacred, on the relationship between architecture and care, on the circular society, on transition to the digital production mode.



Is Board Member of ENEL, Costa Crociere Foundation and D’Appolonia (RINA Group). Previously she held the same role at Banca Carige, Ansaldo Energia, and the University of Genoa. She is also President of the National Observatory for Cyber Security, Resilience and Business Continuity of Electrical Systems. Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Genoa, she was previously Dean of the Faculty for 4 years. For her commitment in the academic and professional field she has been included in the roll of experts in technological innovation established by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.



Born in Novara on September 23, 1964, graduated in law with honors from the LUISS University in Rome. After collaborating with important professional studies, she began her activity as an Administrative Lawyer specializing in public procurement and contracts. The Firm carries out activities of scientific production and organization for conventions, and pursues the goal of creating a dialectical and constructive relationship that is based on the cooperation of political, jurisdictional and academic institutions with professionals and economic operators. There are four offices of the Firm, the first in Rome and the others in Milan, Palermo and Taranto.



Has 25 years of experience in leadership roles in governments, science parks and life sciences industries, in economic development, innovation management and investment attraction. Today is Chief Executive of Health Industries SA, economic development agency of the Government of South Australia (Adelaide). Previous roles included: Executive Director of DuBiotech (Government of the UAE), CEO of San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park (Milan), Managing director of Technogym and Centuria Science Park (Italy). Beside his managerial roles he served as member of World Economic Forum ‘Healthy Living’ leadership board, President of International Association of Science Parks, board member or chairman in economic development organisations, high tech companies and science parks.



Is a theoretical physicist, scientific director of the Institute for Scientific Methodology, Palermo,Italy.Researcher  at  School of Advanced International School on Non Linear Methodologies for Physics, Bari, visiting  professor at International Institute for Applicable Mathematics and Information Sciences ( IIAMIIS), Hyderabad 500463 India. Editor in Chief of the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (EJTP) and Board of: Entropy, Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Physics, Quantum BioSystems. Lecturer in “Festival della Filosofia” ( Modena, 2004; 2011); “Festival della Scienza” ( Palermo, 2009), “PopSophia” ( Macerata, 2012)He has been awarded the prize “Le Veneri per la Scienza” (Lecce, 2008) for “the high merit in research and cultural seedings”,  the “Targa Pirandello”(Agrigento, 2010),  and the prize  “International Prize Conference on Time” (Al Ain, 2012). He work on Foundation of Quantum Theories, Cosmology, Computation and System Science.




Giuseppe joined Grant Thornton Financial Advisory Services as Partner in charge of Debt Restructuring services. He has a thirty-year experience, accrued first in E&Y, then as director and chairman of various Italian companies and, later, in an advisory boutique he founded in Brescia. His areas of expertise include debt restructuring, corporate finance, strategic planning and M&A. Giuseppe regularly participates as speaker in conferences organized by business associations. His clients include companies operating in banking, industrial, ICT and telecommunications industries, as well as mid corps. Giuseppe received his degree in information technology from Università degli Studi di Milano. He then attended training courses in Italy and in the United States to develop his managerial skills.



Classical philologist and art historian, is the author of innovative studies on Plato, Plutarch, Marsilio Ficino, Giotto, Raphael, Titian, Picasso. He has published “I volti segreti di Giotto” (Rizzoli) (winner of XVI Premio del Libraio Città di Padova 2009 – non-fiction section) and coordinated the complete edition of the Moralia of Plutarch (Bompiani, 2017). Member of the Société Européenne de Culture, the Lorenzo Valla Foundation, the Accademia Galileiana di Scienze, Arti e Lettere of Padua; member of the Ministerial Committee of Trustees for the promotion of Classical Culture. Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica, he has held seminars and conferences in many Italian and European cities and universities (including Paris, Moscow, Copenhagen, Krakow, Vilnius, Freiburg, Sofia).



Born in 1955, graduated in humanities at the University of Milan. Promoter of the first Italian ecologist groups and the Federation of Greens. In the 90s, Councilor of the Lombardy Region to the Parks and Territory, he promoted the enhancement of the Navigli, the destination of the fairground in Rho – Pero, the Popular Initiative for the South Milan Agricultural Park. Senator in 1996 and 2001, he promoted the law against doping, the Knowledge Survey on GMOs, the Decree on the pluralism of information technology in the Public Administration. President of the Intergroup for Technological Innovation and Telematic Democracy. Author of the premise to the book of the Nobel Prize Elinor Ostrom ‘Knowledge as a common good’. Italian Delegate at the WSIS-World Summit on the Information Society. Member of the Internet Governance Committee of the Ministry of Innovation, delegate to the UN Internet Governance Forum, promoter of the “Internet Bill of Rights”. Goodwill Ambassador of “One Laptop Per Child”, MIT’s project for disadvantaged children.    Promoter of international meetings “Condividi la Conoscenza”. Member of the Advisory Board of the Guna Research Center ATTRE (Advanced Therapies and Tissue Regeneration), started in 2017.



Ph.D, Born in Venice 10 September 1963. Main working area: Electromagnetic vorticity and Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) applied to telecommunications, astrophysics and Quantum physics. Main results: First experimental application of radio vortices to telecommunications, electromagnetic vorticities from the gravitational lensing of rotating black holes, OAM superresolution for optical and radio devices and worked in the pioneering construction of an optical vortex coronagraph. First indirect evidence of axion dark matter. With more than a hundred of international scientific and artistic contributions 
including one book several book chapters and patents in radio communications and 
environmental sciences, his work has been reported in hundreds of interviews in international scientific and non-scientific magazines, newspapers, in TV and Radio. Awarded with four international prices.



Architect, Professor at University of Salerno, Journalist, current Director of the Alta Murgia National Park, member of the Technical Team of the “Network for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention” RECEP – Council of Europe – Strasbourg, Secretary of Arco Latino European Landscape Observatory; Director of the European Group of Territorial Cooperation EGTC DIETAMED -International Study Center on Mediterranean Diet (UNESCO Intangible Heritage), Head of the “Campus Mediterraneo” Technical Operational Group.Latest publications: E.L.E.A. – Experimental Lab For An Ecosystemic Advancement, Milan 2015; RETURN TO POLIS – The redesigned territory rediscovers the value of its assets and rediscovers the generative role of Polis. Milan 2016.Participation to the development of the C-School model, Development of the Charter of Rome for the Natural and Cultural Capital.



President of the Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE), Chairman of the International Tax Committee of the International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI), member of BUSINESSEUROPE’s Tax Policy Working Group and Extended Bureau Member of the Taxation and Fiscal Policy Committee of the BIAC (Business Industry Advisory Committee, OECD). Founder, Managing Partner of Valente Associati GEB Partners.  His involvement in industry and professional associations, his technical assistance to governments and participation in Expert Groups represent an utter guarantee of the commitment to tax policy-related matters. Devoted to encouraging dialogue on tax matters, which he pursues through his academic activities (Link Campus University; Guardia di Finanza, School, “Jean Monnet” School of the 2nd University of Studies – Naples). Author of 10 Manuals, co-author of 25 Volumes. Over 500 articles published.



Diego Andreis is engineer, entrepreneur and passionate experimenter of innovation models, he loves to connect people, ideas and new technologies. He is the Managing Director of Fluid-o-Tech, leader in the engineering and manufacturing of positive displacement pumps and fluidics systems for several demanding fields. Fluid-o-Tech stands out for innovation capabilities, growth and internationalization; since 2014 it received for tree time the National prize for Innovation given by the President of State of Italy. Diego Andreis founded F-Lab, an innovation center that leverage open innovation dynamics, a new model for the knowledge enterprise. He is Ambassador of the Mechatronics, where mechanics and digital converge, as a new paradigm for the future of industry and work. He is also VP Federmeccanica and President of the European CEEMET.