An advanced experiment of a non-deterministic and open system, a prototype of future organizations (C-orgs), a pole where redundancy and diversity become generative





The C-School, or “School of Connection”, connects minds and cultures to create a revolutionary knowledge hub for the new post-competitive economy, increasingly based on collaborative ecosystems.



The power in this new global scenario will concentrate in hubs where highly diversified knowledge sources converge in a short span of time and create new patterns, so as to impact social behaviors and economic weights and values; this is just the scope of the C- School. Therefore, its mission is not only to be an education center, but an engine to generate and accelerate the emergence of entrepreneurship, strategic vision, innovation, together with an accrued responsibility and risk sensitivity.

Together with distinguished Universities, Territories, Institutions and/or Corporations, D designs new places of trust and creation, wherefrom work, finance, enterprise, and school can find their tracks to transformation.

The C-School (school of Connection) reignites in a new form for our age the spirit of the ancient scholè.