March 23rd, Pieve di Soligo (TV)
Meeting with Fondazione Francesco Fabbri in Pieve di Soligo (TV). Franco Simeoni and Paolo Zanenga are new members of the Foundation Scientific Committee.

March 31st, Florence
Diotima Society coordinates the table on “Territories as connection platforms” in the G7 CULTURE | THE FIRST G7 MINISTERIAL MEETING ON CULTURE in Florence.

April 10th, L’Aquila
Università dell’Aquila: Launch of the DREAMCATCHERS project. The lecture of Paolo Zanenga is on Youtube:

April 11th, Rome
Participation to the 2017 “Salone della Giustizia” in Rome with a workshop on “epipolitics”: a glance on challenges that politics should be able to face.
Politics, Government, Institutions: are they still decision makers? Epipolitics, or Politics in the Time of Disruption.
Diotima Society proposes an exclusive path to 21st century policy makers.

Paolo Zanenga, Alessandro Galimberti e Carlo Malinconico al Salone della Giustizia di Roma

April 21st-22nd, Castle Tyrol, Merano (BZ)
Second meeting of the Euregio Atelier on “Multiple Identities in a Glocal World”

May 2017, Chicago
Just published: the book showing the buildings and urban planning projects selected for the International Architecture Awards 2016.
Diotima Society hosted the Italian jury awarding 132 from over 40 nations to define a new global design aesthetic for 2016.

May 2017, Novara
A public-private partnership between Diotima Society, UPO – Università del Piemonte Orientale, and Comitato Casa Bossi is established to collaborate on “Novara Scholè”, an Atelier of the C-School.

May 22nd, Turin
Diotima Society advocates the meeting organized by CORE VALUES to present the book CONNECTED WORLD of Mons. Philip Larrey, and Paolo Zanenga is a discussant.


June 29th-30th, Udine
Diotima Society will participate to the G7 Univerisities, contributing to the Table 4 –
University and Economic Development


October 13th, Rome
Diotima Society will participate to the second Core Values, held at the Pontificia Università Lateranense, where 500 policy makers from culture and business will discuss about the issue of values in the digital era.